Who? Me?

I’ll keep this short because we all know how annoying it is when someone tells you everything at once and leaves no surprises. Despite me being that person, I shall refrain from doing so here.

The main way to my heart is Footloose. Live. Movie. Musical. Soundtrack. Anything. Maybe even Kevin Bacon in person in my living room?

I can’t go a day without any form of music; I love¬†anything from piano music to dance music. I JUST LOVE MUSIC.

I stay safe when it comes to writing; I’ve been trying to write the same novel since I was 11 and had posters of Harry Styles on my walls and still not succeed after many, many drafts. But recently, I’ve convinced myself to write poems, start a blog and read more opinion articles.

I’m a die-hard hopeless romantic. However, I hate cringey stuff. I’m a particular taste.

Enid Blyton and Malorie Blackman are my heroes. As is my GSCE English teacher Mr P. Legend. Hero.

I strongly believe that you must be grateful and thankful for any step forward in the right direction and those who helped you get to that step, whether it be career or relationships wise. Being thankful is one thing this world does not do well.

And lesson one of life: always always always step out of your comfort zone. The best things happen when you do.

Huh. So much for not waffling, Megan.